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Ohr Jerusalem

Rehabilitation for the Mentally Disabled

Ohr Jerusalem provides individualized programs and services to heal, assist and improve the quality of life of the mentally ill.

Ohr Jerusalem's revolutionary approach helps the mentally ill re-establish themselves in society by enabling them to participate in it from the start of their rehabilitation work through a wide variety of therapeutic treatments and activities, sheltered vocational workshops, and protected living quarters.

Facilities and Programs

Our rehabilitation facilities include protected apartments, a printing shop and a carpentry workshop for mentally ill men from all over Israel, and a sewing workshop and local soup kitchen, which provide rehabilitative tasks for mentally ill women.Ohr Jerusalem also provides Meals on Wheels to patients' families to help alleviate the tension and pressures that often afflict families with a mentally ill member,

Dedicated Staff

Ohr Jerusalem's highly dedicated staff reaches out to its patients and to the community with warmth and humanitarian compassion. In addition to providing counselling and therapy to Ohr Jerusalem's patients and staffing the various programs at Ohr Jerusalem, the staff participates in a variety of community outreach prgrams, including sending its volunteer musical band to perform for mental hospitals throughout Israel, and assisting the needy and homeless with sustenance, shelter and aid.

The Future

Ohr Jerusalem has initiated a plan to expand and renovate our facility in order to completely modernize our 60 year old facility and add 1,100 square meters of new space. The expanded building will enable us to increase our patient volume 130%, expand and improve our existing workshops and services, and add additional services including, a state of the art exercise and recreational facility, an in-house kitchen and dining room, and expanded offices.


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