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Ohr Jerusalem

Rabbinical Approbations

Chief Rabbi of the State of Israel

The goal of Ohr Jerusalem is to help, aid, and rehabilitate people with mental illness... in order that they may achieve physical and emotional independence.

It is a great mitzvah to aid and generously support Ohr Jerusalem. May those who aid Ohr Jerusalem be blessed with all spiritual and physical good, with health children and ample livelihood.

Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu
Former Chief Rabbi of the State of Israel

Beth Din Zedek of the
Orthodox Jewish Community, Jerusalem

It is a great mitzvah to support this important institution which has taken upon itself the great goal to save and succor these unfortunate souls and their families by providing a healing shelter at all times.

May those who support the healers of broken hearts be saved from all evil and be blessed with children, with livelihood, and in all they desire.

Rabbi Moshe Halberstam
Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Ulmann

Medical Approbations

Community Mental Health Center, Jerusaelem

"... The Rehabilitation Center Ohr Yerushalayim is of vital importance for psychiatric rehabilitation of Jerusualem. Additional support will allow for increasing the number of individuals treated."

Dr. David Greenberg

Jerusalem Mental Health Center

"Over the years, we have referred many patients to [Ohr Jerusalem's sheltered workshops]. Patients were always well received and ... were able to acquire work skills as well as improve their daily functioning. Some were eventually able to become vocationally independent. (Ohr Jerusalem's sheltered workshops) have become a cornerstone in our community rehabilitation planning... We hope Ohr Jerusalem will continue their community service and expand to serve additional people."

Avraham Verter
Chief Social Worker

Sarah Herzog Memorial Hospital

"... Thewide range of activities in the Ohr Jerusalem Rehabilitation department and the warm approach to those in recovery is of great help in treating mental health patients."

Dr. Pesach Lichtenberg
Department head

Eitanim Hospital

"... Words are not enough when speaking of an institution that supports the mental health system in so many areas. In my name and on behalf of the patients I would like to thank Ohr Jerusalem...."

Dr. Avner Sela
Department head



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