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Second Floor: Bookbindery, Computer Lab, and Offices

This floor will include the bookbindery unit accommodating ten low-functioning patients who will work to mend and bind books for a variety of customers who require such services. The computer lab will be utilized both as a computer training center for the patients and also as a work center, employing approximately 15 patients in the task of typing and other simple computer jobs. A mental health professional who will both train and provide emotional support and guidance for the men under their care will supervise each unit.

The offices of Ohr Jerusalem situated on this floor will include an office for the director and secretary, a conference room and staff rooms for the unit supervisors, social workers and other mental health care professionals.


Basement Floor:
Recreational and Exercise Center

First Floor:
Printing and Carpentry Training Workshops

Second Floor:
Bookbindery, Computer Lab, and Offices

Third Floor:
Packaging Center and Dining Room/Kitchen


Building Virtual Tour