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Third Floor: Packaging Center and Dining Room/Kitchen

The packaging center will provide an employment opportunity for 15 mentally ill men who will be trained and supervised by two staff members. This floor will feature a large dining room with the capacity to seat 150 people.

The kitchen will provide breakfast at 7:30 am and lunch at 13:00 pm for the approximately 25 staff members and 120 patients working in the rehabilitation workshops. The individuals who utilize the Recreational and Exercise Center in the afternoon will be able to attend dinner at 18:00. The professional cooking staff will supervise the patients who wish to help with simple cooking tasks.


Basement Floor:
Recreational and Exercise Center

First Floor:
Printing and Carpentry Training Workshops

Second Floor:
Bookbindery, Computer Lab, and Offices

Third Floor:
Packaging Center and Dining Room/Kitchen


Building Virtual Tour