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Ohr Jerusalem's

Hospital Visits

Healing through music, dancing, and good will

The Ohr Jerusalem volunteer musical band visits mental hospitals throughout Israel in order to perform for and dance with the patients. The combination of music, dancing and good will that these volunteers bring with them raises the spirits of even the most depressed patients. The many letters of appreciation written by the hospitals' staff reflects the positive impact these visits have upon both the patients and staff.

Sarah Herzog Memorial Hospital

To the Ohr Jerusalem "Orchestra,"

...When you come to to cheer our patients their hearts open and are filled with joy and are able to recieve all your love like... an infusion which penetrates the blood vessels and fills the heart with pure Jewish joy.

Sometimes there are no words to describe what we want to express, but nonetheless I wish to bless you in my name and in the name of the patients, and to thank you for everything you provide... thank you for all your help, for the ample refreshments, for the joy of life which you bring with warmth and with love...

Rita Levin
Director of Occupational Therapy

Gehah Psychiatric Hospital
Tel Aviv University Medical School

To the Ohr Jerusalem "Orchestra,"

Thank you for the Purim Celebration that you arranged for the patients at the Gehah Psychiatric Hospital... The patients who participated in this festive event took a remarkably active role in the singing, dancing, and activities, under your heartfelt direction... Thank you also for your special effort to distribute Mishloach Manot with musical accompanyment, which awakened great happiness among the patients.


Aryeh Oron
President of the Board
Professor S. Tyano
Director of the Hospital


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